I have always loved being outdoors. As a kid my brothers and I would go into the woods and enjoy ourselves.  A few years ago my brother invited me to go along with him and his wife on a hiking trip. I became reacquainted with the outdoors life. So Much to experience and see along the trail, off the trail or around the next bend. Love seeing boulders that are as big as houses covered with moss. Love the feeling of excitement when I hear the roar of a waterfall after recent rain showers. Love to see trees with bald eagles that have migrated for the fall season. Love to drive along country roads and discover rustic barns and old homesteads. Love to see the start of a new day as the sun rises with bright colors. Love to see the beauty of a sunset as it ends another good day.  

My love for the outdoors became greater as I started capturing the outdoors with my camera lens. My brother introduced me to outdoor photography and it soon became a passion within me to share with others. My wife and I set out often on adventures to explore and experience to see what we have not seen before. Of course my brother and I still venture out as his wife drives us to our next outdoors encounter with our cameras in hand. 

As a family we hope you enjoy our Loving the Outdoors Life photos. You will see a wide variety of outdoors life in our photos that will help decorate your home, your weekend getaway home or cabin, office at work, great gifts for family and friends. We believe God has given us the opportunities and talents so we can share with you our new friends. Thank You for visiting, please drop by often for our newest adventures listed in our blog.

Kirk Hobbs
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