Magnolia Falls, Wood Boys Falls, Stahl Falls - Spring 2020

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Fellow waterfall chaser friend Kevin and I started early on a Good Friday morning to chase waterfalls on what promised to be a most glorious beautiful day. We headed towards Clarksville, AR on I-40 East to go to Highway 21 North. On Highway 21 North we headed towards Newton County Road #9050 off of Highway 21 between Mossville and Edwards Junction. Once on this well maintained dirt road, go .3 miles and park on the right, the trailhead is an old jeep road and is easy to spot. You will also see a Wilderness Area sign on the left side of the road. This is 2.1 miles round trip and family family.

This is a well traveled trail which eventually you will come across rock covered parts along the trail. As you continue on the trail you will come across some old rock walls that were possibly homestead property borders. There are also some unique large rock formations you will see and might want to explore. You will come across a narrow creek that goes across the trail. Turn left here and soon you will hear and see Magnolia Falls. There are two ways to the falls, the path just past the creek across the trail is a little more fun and challenging to me. The second path is just before you cross the creek on the trail which easier and a quicker path to the falls. 

Magnolia Falls is 26' high and is beautiful with a lot of moss covered rocks in the Spring season. You can get close to the falls and capture some great camera shots. There a few magnolia trees by the falls area. These trees were just starting to bud when we were there on this adventure. With the larger creek that feeds this waterfall, you can maneuver around below the falls to capture different camera angles and you will be guaranteed missing stepping on a rock and get your boots wet a time or two. Both Kevin and I can testify to this.

The creek running through this waterfall also feeds Wood Boys Falls. As you follow the short distance of this creek you will see the water running over the edge of the bluff which is the top of Wood Boys Falls. Be careful because you will be near the edge of the bluff line and this is a 33' tall waterfall. From the top of the waterfall you won't be able to get a great camera shot due to tree limbs and branches. You can though see the full height of the waterfall from the top to the water splashing at the bottom. To gain access the to the bottom of this waterfall, you need to return back to the narrow creek on the trail, turn left and head straight up the trail. This will add another 2.0 miles to your total trip for the day. You then will turn left at the bluff line base and do a little rock scrambling to the bottom of Wood Boys Falls. I have not been here myself but have intentions to do so someday on another adventure.

Back at Magnolia Falls you will see a path above the falls which follows along the creek. Go up the path a short ways to find a comfortable place for you to cross the creek by stepping on rocks to the other side. You will see a clearly visible trail which follows along the creek and soon you will see the top side of Magnolia Falls from a different view. Continue on the trail which follows the top of this bluff line. Eventually you will come to Stahl Falls which is a 66' waterfall. This waterfall is created by a drainage that runs down the hill over the edge of the bluff. I have never seen more than a large trickle of water each time I have visited. This short adventure will add about a half a mile to your trip.

On this particular day it was still during the uncertain time of Covid-19. As we headed back to my truck, we met a family with 4 young children and gave them directions on how to get to Magnolia Falls. Further up the trail there was another couple in search of Magnolia Falls. He was quite the talker, we had a few laughs and told them how to find Magnolia Falls. 

Join me again as I share with you - Loving Outdoors Life adventures.

Kirk Hobbs

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