Sugarloaf Lake Falls - well kept secret

March 23, 2019  •  1 Comment

Waterfall chasing at a nearby waterfall just down the road. I had heard of this waterfall at Sugarloaf Lake a year ago and forgotten about it. This waterfall is a well kept secret. I was going through some posts on a Facebook waterfalls group and saw a pic of Sugarloaf Lake Falls and told myself the next the heavy rains come I will be there. So the rains came and I chased after this waterfall and found it. Really easy waterfall to get to. Go through Hackett Arkansas, you will see an old big white sign that reads Sugarloaf Lake Resort, turn right here on Tyro road. You will stay on this road until you get to the lake. Keep on Tyro road for a few miles and you will come to an intersection, you will see another old big white sign that reads Sugarloaf Lake Resort. Keep going straight, you will come up to a sharp curve that goes to the right, on the left there is a pull off parking area right next to the lake spillway, park here. You will see pine trees, see the small spillway and the stream that leads to the waterfall. Once you step out of your vehicle you can heard the roar of the waterfall and that waterfall excitement begins. This is a rural Arkansas area so there is not a trailhead sign marking the trail. You simply start down the slope keeping the flow of the water that leads to the waterfall on your right. 

As you hike down you will see the top of the waterfall, you will be close which is a neat experience. Now you are looking straight at the waterfall. It's probably 25-30' in height with shale rock banks. There are several rocks in the stream past the base of the waterfall below your view where you will be standing. This makes for some cool little rapids which makes for great outdoor photography. With gray cloudy skies it was a picture perfect waterfall shooting day. I usually stay around 2 hours at a waterfall working through manual settings with different lenses and capturing many perspective angles. And of course you always have to take a few selfies with the waterfall as a background. It was a good day and another fun outdoors adventure.

Return trip 2 - Back again a few weeks later for another visit for some waterfall outdoor photography. This time I decided to go to the south side of the waterfall to get closer and have another view. This required crossing over the spillway. The spillway had about 3" of water on the top so it was like crossing a small creek except you are walking on concrete with some moss covered spots. The terrain is different on the south side of the lake. the woods are thicker and the descent is very steep. So I walked around and discovered a route to take going up at the bottom of this area with some mild thorny bushwhacking necessary. This south side view of the waterfall did not disappoint and was exactly what I was looking forward to on this day. 

I was definitely closer and the loud roar of the waterfall was speaking to me. This time I had our Loving Outdoors Life head gear with me and I was purposed to take many promotional pics for our Loving Outdoors Life brand. You can go here to like our Facebook page and checkout our outdoors gear - -. I took advantage of another gray cloud covered day and was able to capture some great long exposure shots with the head gear. Any day you are chasing waterfalls is a good day.

Join me again as I share with you - Loving Outdoors Life adventures.

Kirk Hobbs

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For me an adventure is when you go out of the ordinary, or try new things. For example try doing risky stuff like sky diving, or anything that is fun to you.
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